About us

We are a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about promoting singing and discovering new talent. Our mission is to provide a platform for singers to showcase their skills and reach a wider audience.

Jaipur Idol is open to singers of all ages and backgrounds, and we welcome contestants from all over the world. Our judges are experienced professionals from the music industry who have a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

We believe in creating a fair and transparent competition, and we take great care to ensure that all contestants are judged on their singing ability alone. Our judging criteria include vocal quality, stage presence, and overall performance.

In addition to the competition itself, we offer a range of resources and support for singers, including workshops, masterclasses, and mentoring from industry professionals. Our aim is to help contestants grow as artists and achieve their full potential.

We are committed to providing a positive and inclusive environment for all participants, and we believe that music has the power to bring people together and inspire change.

Thank you for considering our singing competition, and we look forward to hearing your voice.