First Round – Digital Round

Selection of 100 Best Performers

Second Round – Digital Round

Selection of 50 Best Performers

Third Round – Theater Round

Selection of 15 Best Performers

Main Event

Rajasthan’s Biggest Singing Platform

Jaipur Idol offers you a platform for your singing talent to be recognized by people. After organizing Four Successful Seasons of Jaipur Idol in previous years, we are excited to announce Jaipur Idol: Season 5 for Singers all across Rajasthan.
In Jaipur Idol various talented participants will compete against each other during all the four rounds of the event out of which the best one will finally win the title.
The entries will be evaluated on the basis of your singing talent, and performance will be judged by some of the best singers of Bollywood.

Open to Singers from any genre!

Jaipur Idol (Junior) - 6 Yrs to 13 Yrs

Jaipur Idol (Senior ) - 14 Yrs onwards


Winner's Comment

1Season one

Jaipur Idol helped me to grow as a singer and brought the best out of me.

2Season two

I loved being a part of Jaipur Idol, it not only helped me evolve as a singer, but also made me a confident artist on stage.

3Season three

Winning Jaipur Idol changed the way I perceived my music, it shaped my talent.

4Season four

The platform of Jaipur Idol exposed me to the bigger opportunities in my singing career.

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